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M-Power, LLC. - Finley, North Dakota

M-Power, LLC. is a locally-owned community wind and renewable energy development company headquartered in Finley, North Dakota. M-Power was formed in September of 2006 by the Griggs-Steele Empowerment Zone, Inc. ("GSEZ") and the Griggs/Steele Wind Development Group, LLC ("GSWDG").

In addition to these major founding investors, 90 participating landowners (within the Luverne Wind Farm footprint) and 76 private investors (with ties to the region) constitute the ownership of M-Power, LLC.

M-Power's mission is to sustain profitable growth by providing leadership in community wind and renewable energy project development through professional solutions, services, and consulting businesses that provide positive impact to the communities and landowners.

U.S. Geological Survey Wind Farm Map

View satellite images of the Luverne Wind Farm and others, using the USGS online wind farm map application.

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    On The Horizon

    M-Power currently has some assets with the potential to enable M-Power to compete and capture some share of the market for renewable energy.

    Several other footprints in the area are being evaluated for wind farm development by M-Power. Landowners in those targeted footprints have been given timely information about the potential for developing their wind resources.

    M-Power is also exploring partnership opportunities with other wind and renewable energy developers. M-Power offers its experience and expertise to other community groups seeking to develop wind or other renewable energy projects in North Dakota, South Dakota, eastern Montana, and northern Minnesota.

    Our Experience

    Commercial Wind Generation
    Commercialization of New Technologies
    Bio-Mass Conversion Technology
    Favorable State-Wide Reputation
    and Political Support
    Favorable Landowner Relationships
    Successful Project Management